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Annex H: Table of substantive changes from September 2019

Caption: Annex H: Table of substantive changes from September 2019



Summary About the guidance

What is the status of this guidance?

New paragraph added about Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic

About this guidance

Added reference to departmental advice Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Between Children in Schools and Colleges

Who is this guidance for?

Added an explanatory paragraph about the revisions for 2020 and the rationale behind them

Part one

Safeguarding information for all staff

Paragraph 4

Text added to make it clear that both mental and physical health are relevant to safeguarding and the welfare of children

Paragraph 21

Updates and moves contextual safeguarding paragraph (paragraph 32 KCSIE 2019)

Paragraphs 28

New paragraph to provide staff with information about child criminal exploitation and child sexual exploitation

Paragraphs 34-38

New paragraphs on mental health to help staff make the link between mental health concerns and safeguarding issues and signpost guidance

Paragraph 56

Added reference to make it explicitly clear that this also applies to supply staff

Part two

The management of safeguarding

Paragraphs 70

Added link to recently published “when to call the police guidance” from the NPCC

Multi-agency working (74-78)

Changes to reflect that the new safeguarding partner arrangements should now be in place

Paragraphs 84

Updated to provide further clarification about GDPR and withholding information

Paragraph 86

New data protection tool kit added

Paragraph 92

Updated to make clear that additional information is available in Annex C on how to support keeping children safe online when they are learning at home

Paragraph 94

Updated to reflect mandatory RSHE from September 2020, and added additional links to further advice and guidance

Paragraphs 96-98

Updated to reflect changes to Ofsted guidance

Paragraphs 101 - 102

Revised to make clear that schools and colleges should have processes in place to manage all concerns about staff, and in addition follow the guidance in Part 4 where a concern includes an allegation that might meet the harm threshold

Children potentially at greater risk of harm 109-111

Updated to reflect the needs of children with a social worker and supporting DSLs and schools to be able to best support these children to do well, in line with the evidence from the children in need review

Children requiring mental health support 113-116

New section to raise profile and encourage schools and colleges to make the link between mental health and safeguarding

Part three

Safer recruitment

Part three

No Change

Part four

Allegations of abuse made against teachers, including supply teachers, other staff, volunteers and contractors

Paragraph 211

Added a fourth bullet point under the behaviours which covers where an individual has behaved or may have behaved in a way that indicates they may not be suitable to work with children. The reason is because of transferrable risk. Where a member of staff or volunteer is involved in an incident outside of school/college which did not involve children but could have an impact on their suitability to work with children. For example, a member of staff is involved in domestic violence at home. No children were involved, but schools/colleges need to consider what triggered these actions and could a child in the school trigger the same reaction, therefore being put at risk.

Supply Teachers (214-217)

Added further guidance as to how schools and colleges should ensure allegations against supply teachers are handled

Part 5

Child on child sexual violence and sexual harassment

Part five

No changes

Annex A

Further information

Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE)

Updated and additional information provided

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Updated and additional information provided

County Lines

Updated and additional information provided

Domestic abuse

Made clear domestic abuse can impact on children when they witness it at home and/or suffer it in an intimate personal relationship and signposted additional information and support

Honour-based abuse

Wording changed from ‘violence’ to ‘abuse’ to recognise non-violent forms of abuse

Preventing radicalisation

Additional information provided on what terrorism looks like and more information on Channel


Updated and additional information provided

Annex B

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Annex B

Added helpful advice for designated safeguarding leads on the needs of children with a social worker and suggestions for actions that could be taken to promote these children’s educational outcomes

Annex C

Online safety

Information and support
Education at home

Reformatted to improve accessibility
Added additional links
New paragraph added

Annex D



No changes

Annex E



No changes

Annex F



No changes

Annex G



No changes