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Annex D: Boarding schools, residential special schools, residential colleges and children's homes

There are additional requirements for boarding schools, residential special schools, residential colleges and children’s homes to consider with regards to safeguarding. These are set out in National Minimum Standards and regulations for the relevant setting. All schools and colleges that provide such residential accommodation and/or are registered as children’s homes must comply with the relevant National Minimum Standards and/or regulations for their sector. Such schools and colleges should be particularly alert to the signs of abuse in such settings and work closely with the host local authority and, where relevant, any local authorities that have placed their children there. The relevant guidance for each sector is on GOV.UK and the relevant links are listed below:

In addition, the Visits to Children in Long-Term Residential Care Regulations 2011 [120] apply to children and young people living away from home in residential settings for periods of 3 months or more (including those placed in residential schools and colleges). An appropriate representative from the accommodating Local Authority must visit these settings to ensure the welfare of these children.